Justine's Yoga Story

Yoga for mental health

I had always wanted to do yoga but I thought I was always far too busy. A few years ago my health really started to deteriorate. I was diagnosed with ME/CFS & fibromyalgia. I couldn't go on the long walks I used to enjoy or even a short one for that matter. Yoga was suggested to by my specialist. I started going to the restorative class and it really helped me to build my health back gradually.

Yoga is especially useful to anyone with chronic pain or fatigue as it encourages you to take things at your own pace, to listen to your body and to adjust if something doesn't feel right. These are useful tools that you will find yourself using off the yoga mat too. Even if you think you can't do all the poses or have saw some of those scary looking ones on the internet come along anyway. Everyone at class is friendly and you are encouraged to only do what you can without any judgement.

I am a lot stronger now than when I first started. I can even manage a flow class now although I still go to restorative on the Sunday as its just such a good relaxing way to end the week. Almost as importantly yoga continues to benefit my life by giving me time and space for when it starts to get busy again.