Michelle Lang

Michelle’s yoga journey began fourteen years ago, when she started to practice Hatha Yoga for relaxation and stress management. At a later date, she began to practice Vinyasa Flow on a regular basis, really enjoying the benefits yoga brings to calming body and mind. Michelle completed her Teacher Training in 2013  (CYTT200) with Brenda Louw from Chillout Yoga in Scotland. 

In June 2017, Michelle completed Skills in Action, a 40 hour advanced teacher intensive with Natalie Rosseau. This has given Michelle the skills to craft exceptional yoga classes in a fun, nurturing and supportive environment.

Michelle's main styles of teaching are Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga.  A focus is placed on self enquiry and mindful movement.  

Kids Yoga is on offer at Studio 70 and Michelle certified to teach this under Cayetana Rodenas. Yoga is offered to children under the medium of yoga journeys, games, songs and story telling.

 Michelle worked for 20 years in Social Care, prior to taking the leap to teach yoga full time in 2016.  This has given Michelle the skills to work with underserved communities and marginalised groups of people. If you work for a third sector organisation, Michelle is happy to liaise with you around delivering yoga on an outreach basis. Copies of PVG checks can be provided. 

Energy healing is another area of interest for Michelle and she is a qualified reiki practitioner.  At the moment, Michelle is a Shamanic Apprentice, studying under Claudia Goncalves and Mark Halliday at the Shamanic Centre in Edinburgh.


Laura Barton

Laura completed her yoga teacher training (RYT200) with Brigitte Longueville, specialising in Restorative Alignment, in Mexico. Having practiced different styles in Europe and North America she has become increasingly interested in how she can work with students to improve their posture and in doing so release locked energy.

Laura has worked previously as an educator and facilitator and brings her experience, patience and structured learning to the yoga studio.

In her classes she guides students on an internal journey to reconnect with the subtleties of their bodies using movement and breath work. Laura has  a moving meditation philosophy and all her classes are built around mindful movement.



George Watson

George got into zen and zen got into him when he lived on the southern
Japanese island of Kyushu. Since then he’s explored various ways to try to
remain aware of the quiet but deep peace and beauty of life regardless of
the loud but shallow worry and frustration. These included a few vipassana
and other retreats, transcendental meditation, an MBSR course,
hypnotherapy, wandering aimlessly around in the back of beyond and

A career in environmental sustainability made him suspect that good
decision making requires people to first be at peace with themselves. So
he qualified as a zen mindfulness and meditation teacher with zenways and
now really enjoys bringing people together to focus on a freer, fuller
life - the benefits being pretty much infinite to them, those around them
and the wider world.

Classes cover all levels and aims; simple tools to help let go of stress
and anxiety sit right alongside deeper states of being for seeing more
clearly into our true nature.

Lorraine Livingstone


After coming into contact with her first yoga experience, Lorraine felt like her world had changed for the better. It was the beginning of a new journey, learning to respect the spiritual aspect of her well being as well as the physical. Lorraine started to practice yoga 2-3 times a week noticing how it calmed her mind, gave focus and made her appreciate the smaller things, while strengthening her body and improving flexibility. 

Whilst travelling the world , a chance encounter with a fellow backpacker led Lorraine to 200 hour teacher training in Rishikesh, India in January 2015. Lorraine's time in India and the 200 hour YTT changed her in ways she could never have imagined. Lorraine describes the benefits of a daily asana and meditation practice has incredible, improving both her physical and mental wellbeing. This new outlook on life also gave her the confidence to leave a long career in corporate finance.

In June 2016, following intense study at City of Glasgow College, Lorraine gained an HNC in Complementary Therapies. Qualifications awarded are Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology and Stress Management. Lorraine has since enhanced her skills, successfully completing courses in Deep Tissue Massage and Pre/Post Sports Massage.  Lorraine believes that the combination of Yoga and Holistic Therapies have many health benefits that are essential for self care of the body, mind and spirit. 

In April 2017 Lorraine completed 50 Hours Yin Yoga teacher training with Sarah Lo, who has been endorsed by Sarah Powers.  Lorraine's yoga classes are accessible to everyone, regardless of their age ability or background. Turn up, roll out a mat, connect with your breath and have fun. 



Carolyn Wood


I am passionate about supporting the transformation of negative and outdated emotional, mental and behavioural patterns to free ourselves, realise our potential and fully step into who we truly are. The work I do focuses on connections, connections to ourselves, to others and with the world we live in. I specialise in the areas of suicide and crisis and see these as gateways for transformation. I am a motivated, creative, and compassionate person who sees humanity with both its lightness and its darkness and am willing to ‘dance’ with both.I have worked on the frontline with people for 17 years, within the mental health and addiction fields, working with people who have experienced multiple traumas, those in crisis and individuals wanting to kill themselves.

I have worked in various services from a volunteer to project worker to management, as well as setting up and running a crisis intervention service for people at risk of suicide and/or self harm.

I love to dance and express myself through movement on my own and with others. I have been practising Movement Medicine for 9 years and am now a Movement Medicine Apprentice. I am also a Physical Theatre Practitioner and passionate about creative expression and storytelling.

I support people to reconnect to their bodies, and to themselves. Rebuilding a relationship with your body and your physicality can be an important step in transforming and empowering yourself.  Most important to me is our reconnection to hope, joy and love; to our true selves.

 I am offering Counselling, Creative Therapy, Empowerment Coaching and workshops, please follow this link to read more about my current workshops  here.