Meet the People of Studio 70 Yoga

Michelle Yoga teacher Glasgow

Michelle Lang

Michelle opened Studio 70 in 2016 with Laura, achieving her ambition to create a nice environment and nurturing space for people to practice in.

Michelle’s personal yoga journey began 16 years ago, when she started to practice Hatha Yoga for relaxation and stress management.  At a later date, she began to practice Vinyasa Flow on a regular basis, finding this particular style helped her to take yoga off the mat and “go with the flow” in her life. Michelle completed her teacher training in 2013  (CYTT200) with Brenda Louw from Chillout Yoga in Scotland. 

Michelle has been teaching Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga in the Southside of Glasgow for 6 years. A focus is placed on self enquiry and mindful movement. Michelle sees her role as holding space for her students while they have their own experience of the practice. Michelle loves to empower people to feel strong and grounded in body and mind.

Michelle has furthered her studies through numerous CPD trainings, but the main highlights are a 40 hour advanced teacher training with Natalie Rousseau and a 50 hour Yin Yoga Immersion with Dawn Wright.

Michelle has a keen interest in the chakras, energy body and energy healing. Michelle is in year 2 of Shamanic Practitioner Training, studying with Claudia Goncalves and Mark Halliday at the Shamanic Centre in Edinburgh.

Laura Rice

Laura has been teaching Vinyasa Flow and Restorative Yoga in Glasgow since 2015.   Laura was inspired to open the studio with Michelle by the amazing yoga community in Vancouver where she lived for 2 years.

She has studied with Brigitte Longueville, David McAmmond, Natalie Rousseau, Jules Mitchell, Michael Stone and many more inspiring teachers. Laura graduated from a 200 hours Teacher Training in 2015.

She teaches classes with a focus on embodied movement and awareness of breath and sensation. She encourages people to approach their practise with lots of compassion, self love and humour.  She wants people to feel amazing in their bodies and to learn to connect with parts of their body that feel stuck or shut down.



Lorraine Livingstone yoga teacher Glasgow

Lorraine Livingstone

After coming into contact with her first yoga experience, Lorraine felt like her world had changed for the better. It was the beginning of a new journey, learning to respect the spiritual aspect of her well being as well as the physical. Lorraine started to practice yoga 2-3 times a week noticing how it calmed her mind, gave focus and made her appreciate the smaller things, while strengthening her body and improving flexibility. 

Whilst travelling the world , a chance encounter with a fellow backpacker led Lorraine to 200 hour teacher training in Rishikesh, India in January 2015. Lorraine's time in India and the 200 hour YTT changed her in ways she could never have imagined. Lorraine describes the benefits of a daily asana and meditation practice as incredible, improving both her physical and mental wellbeing. This new outlook on life also gave her the confidence to leave a long career in corporate finance.

Lorraine has continued to further her studies in yoga and in April 2017 completed 50 Hours Yin Yoga teacher training with Sarah Lo, who has been endorsed by Sarah Powers.  In May 2019 Lorraine went back to India to complete her 300 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga styles. The training focused on Elemental yoga according to the 5 Elements in both Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  

Lorraine's yoga classes are accessible to everyone, regardless of their age, ability or background. Her vinyasa and yin classes are themed around the 5 elements in Ayurveda & TCM according to her advanced training. Lorraine is also passionate about the power of intention and gratitude and will often weave these practices into class.   Turn up, roll out a mat, connect with your breath and have fun. 

Ricky Lee Huxstep Pilates

Ricky Lee Huxstep

Ricky has been teaching yoga, pilates and movement training for over 3 years. Registered with JPilates associates and Yoga Alliance he also holds a B.A. (Hons) in Contemporary Dance and is currently studying an M.Sc in Psychological Science.

Ricky's teaching style has developed over the years through his study in psychology, dance, functional movement and anatomy. Ricky wants his students to understand what they are doing and why, his classes focus on functional alignment, creative flow and awareness of the breath.

Ricky thanks many of his influential teachers in movement and philosophy: Anna Ashby, Jean Hall, Erika Charters, Hannah Grand, Devin Kelley, Tom Merrick and Ollie Frost. 

Claire Martin Innes Yoga Glasgow

Claire Innes Martin

Claire Innes-Martin is a yoga teacher based in Glasgow, specialising in Vinyasa flow for all levels of experience. Claire strongly promotes the physical benefits that yoga can bring, as well as the power of making just a little space in your life to breathe and slow the mind; reducing stress, and finding focus and calm.

In her years since qualifying as a yoga teacher with the renowned Classical Yoga School, Claire has worked to build her skillset and deepen her own connection to yoga – developing teaching and practising experience in a range of different yoga styles, and exploring aspects of a yogic lifestyle off the mat, to better-understand yoga’s ‘whole life’ benefits. "I teach and learn this magical practice with my knowledge and experience that yoga offers us all the chance to cultivate on our mat the qualities we want to take with us to all corners of our lives.”


Heather Pascal

Heather first started practicing Hatha yoga about 6 years ago to find some relaxation during her fast paced, London life as an actress. She loved how the practice made her feel focussed and calm and helped relieve some of the anxiety that came with her often unpredictable career. Her weekly classes led her to try new styles and soon she was practicing 3 times a week. She fell in love with the physical challenge of Ashtanga and the creative freedom that came with Vinyasa Flow and began to develop a deeper interest in the history and philosophy of yoga. Each class left her feeling empowered, uplifted and strong and she knew pretty early on that this was something she really wanted to share with others.

Heather finally decided to take the leap and travelled to Bali to complete her 200 hour YTT in Vinyasa Flow. It was one of the most incredible experiences of her life, challenging her both physically and mentally and reaffirming her desire to share this practice. 

Heather’s classes are playful and uplifting with elements of self-reflection and breath- work woven throughout. She caters to all levels of experience and offers a range of variations, so everyone feels comfortable to explore their practice freely. Heather wholeheartedly believes that yoga is for everyone and is incredibly passionate about creating space for students to be themselves, build strength and confidence and celebrate their own unique abilities.

Jenny Clark

Jenny’s yoga journey began over 13 years ago. She loved the movement and physical challenge as well as the headspace it created for her. Following a car accident, yoga helped Jenny heal and restore. Initial training was in Power Vinyasa and that is the basis from which all her classes take form. 

Power to Jenny doesn't necessarily mean fast paced sweaty movements. The power you will tap into in Jenny’s class is a deep-seated knowing, a reminder of your own power, a guide to reignite it. It may be mental power through space, freedom in movement, inquisitive pauses and loving reflection but every asana is planned purely for your empowerment. 

Jenny’s sole aim for her class is that you leave feeling more alive, aware and ready for whatever comes your way that day. Jenny’s training since the initial course in 2011 has been continual, kids, family, pregnancy yoga.  Jenny loves learning, integrating and creating. 

Jenny’s travels took her worldwide and her teaching has benefitted immensely through immersive experiences with intelligent teachers. Jenny’s offering is now a unique one that will forever grow.