Studio 70 Yoga:

A welcoming yoga studio based in Glasgow's Southside.

We’re open 7 days a week & offer yoga classes including beginners, classes for adults, kids, pregnancy yoga,
workshops, courses, retreats & more.


Our Upcoming Workshops


Supporting the Psoas and Nervous System

22nd September 2018

This immersion with Brea Johnson will provide a deeper and experiential understanding of these two very important and often misunderstood muscles. Through somatic awareness, you will experience, in your own body, deep healing practices that nourish on all levels to experience more energy on a daily basis. Learn a wide variety of tools and techniques to support the psoas and the nervous system. 


4 Week Pregnancy Yoga Course

29th September 2018

Pre Natal Yoga is a wonderful opportunity for you to prepare for birth feeling confident, relaxed and empowered. Hayley McLaughlin is here to guide and support you on your journey to motherhood through yoga postures, breathing and meditation techniques. These can equip you with skills to have a positive birthing experience and ease delivery.



Crow Masterclass with Gayle Pocock

5th October 2018

This workshop will give you the root foundations to be able to solidify your yoga practice, feeling the different parts of your body work as a team.

We will start by delving deep into chaturanga and using what we have learnt to balance comfortably in Crow Pose - Bakasana. The mindful movement coaching in this workshop will transfer into everything you do.


Unlimited Yoga Packages

Unlimited Yoga  /  Open 7 days a week  /  20 classes weekly

Monthly Package

£65 per month

Yearly Package

£680 per year