Upcoming Workshops


6 Week Beginners Yoga Course

3rd September 2018

The 6 week course will explore the mindfulness of the body and breath through yoga asana practice. We will learn about alignment in yoga poses, building strength and mobility in our joints to give you a solid foundation to build your yoga practice in a way that works for YOUR body.

The course is ideal for complete beginners. Those who have had a break from yoga and are looking for a refresher are also welcome.

4 Week Pregnancy Yoga Course

 1st September 2018

Pre Natal Yoga is a wonderful opportunity for you to prepare for birth feeling confident, relaxed and empowered. Hayley McLaughlin is here to guide and support you on your journey to motherhood through yoga postures, breathing and meditation techniques. These can equip you with skills to have a positive birthing experience and ease delivery.


Indian Summer Yin Yang Workshop

8th September 2018

In Traditional Chinese Medicine this period between late summer and the autumn equinox belongs to the Earth element. This is a time of shift, nature is slowing down encouraging us to take time out to nourish ourselves and connect with the earth.

In this 2 hour workshop with Lorraine, you will be exploring the earth element through breath work, movement with an energising flow (yang), stillness in long held yin yoga poses, and sound healing with Koshi chimes.

_There is a lovely atmosphere about Studio 70 and I really like the approach- having respect for our bodies inclusive of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels._.png