Janice's Yoga Story

Yoga for weight loss in Glasgow, Yoga for mental health

I had been wanting to come to yoga for a number of years but I had always felt too self conscious to do so. I had previously been very overweight and didn’t have the confidence or stamina (or so I thought) to come to a class. When I had about 3 stones to lose, I finally plucked up the courage to come.  I wish however that I had come earlier and recognised that size and body shape are not barriers to doing yoga; anyone of any size, shape or fitness level canbenefit from a practice. 

I have gained so many benefits from yoga and am an absolute convert. It's now my favourite form of exercise. Yoga helps me slow down and be in the moment and empty my head when there's too much going on in life.

Yoga to me is not just about being on my mat in a studio in a class; it has developed my skills in areas I now take into both my working and personal life; greater patience and perspective to not always change and hurry at challenges, and often that backing off takes more strength and wisdom than not listening to your instincts or what’s around you.

The most important lesson I’ve learnt through yoga, is the importance of self care. Yoga has taught me that self care is the most important focus and gift I can give myself. This is about respecting my body, myself and others, looking after all parts of my health, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual and creating space in my mind to give me the strength and emotional resilience in the challenges of day to day living. 

I've also made some great pals, regularly have a giggle, and I am constantly learning!