Meet The Team : Lorraine Livingstone Yoga Teacher

Lorraine Livingstone Yoga Teacher in Glasgow

What can people expect from your yoga classes?

After recently completing my 300 hour advanced training in 5 elements Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine my vinyasa and yin classes will be themed around the elements in nature.  Vinyasa flow will be strong and fun interweaving the elements characteristics.  Yin yoga will be slow paced and meditative, working with the meridians in TCM. Restorative class is slow, with passive stretches using lots of yoga props.  Lots of breath focus is used to aid relaxation.

What does your self care routine look like at the moment?

My day starts with 5-15 minutes meditation, at present it’s on 3 things I’m grateful for! Then a glass of luke warm water with lemon (a great detox), 20 minutes of movement , lots of water throughout the day, being with the people that lift me, inspire me and make me laugh. 7-8 hours sleep...Self care doesn’t have to be fancy!

What is your mantra? 

Never give up on something you really want! When I’m having a wobble and things aren’t going to plan (which they never do!) I listen to ‘Not Giving In’ by Rudimental it always motivates me to keep going

How has your yoga practiced change and developed over time?

I started out at Hatha classes and moved into hot yoga while living in Jersey.  After my yoga teacher training my practice became very strong and all I was interested in was strong fitness like classes.  However, this wasn’t sustainable and led to shoulder pain and injuries.  At present my practice can be strong however I also enjoy finding stillness in yin yoga and daily meditation.

What’s your favourite yoga pose? 

Savasana or Fallen Triangle

What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out on their yoga journey?

Try as many different styles of yoga class and different teachers until you find a style/someone that resonates with you. 

What do you like to do for fun when you’re not teaching/ practising yoga?

Travel is my passion, I love exploring new places and meeting new people.  and when I’m not traveling I spend my time with the people I love. I also enjoy working out in the gym.

Join Lorraine for a class in the studio! She teaches Yin Yoga on Thursday mornings and Flow and Restorative Yoga on Sunday mornings. Book your class here.

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