6 Top tips for those new to mindfulness meditation

New to mindfulness meditation in Glasgow

1. Think about timing 

Having a regular time slot for your meditation practice will help you build your practice into your daily routine. Think about your lifestyle, are you single? do you have children? what time of day do you have the most control over? In the morning before you get out of bed? When you get home from work? Evening before bed? 

2. Create a cozy space

Meditation is one of the best ways we can care for ourselves so make sure the space you choose to meditate in is comfortable and inspiring. You could have a whole room or a small corner - Choose a nice meditation cushion or chair, blankets to keep you warm and comfortable, you can light candles and incense. You can even decorate with photos of loved ones or anyone that inspires you. 

3. Keep a Journal

Keeping a meditation journal can be a great way to motivate you and keep you on track with your practice. After meditation you can reflect on your practice and take some notes on your experience and what you may have noticed – thoughts, feelings, sensations. 

4. Share what you do 

Perhaps you share your home with others who may also need your attention. Let them know - ok this is now my time for meditation it would be great if I could have this alone time.  You can share your request with kindness as they too will reap the rewards of a calmer and happier you! 

5. Little and often 

New habits are hard to form. New research says it takes 66 days to establish a new habit so go easy on yourself. Start off with 5 minutes a day and slowly build your practice up. Meditation practice is far more effective if we do little and often. Rather than trying to sit for too long try 5 minutes a day and then slowly build up your time. 

6. A whole Lotta Love 

A key part of mindfulness practice is developing an attitude towards ourselves of kindness and acceptance. This is a journey there is no right or wrong. You are perfect as you are so each time you drift off or get distracted or miss your practice. Just notice and jump back in. 

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