7 ways of feeling more calm and connected

yoga class doing yoga pose buddha konasana

When I talk to friends and folks who come to my classes one of the things I keep hearing is that people are feeling overwhelmed, disconnected and stressed. Does this sound familiar to you? You are not alone! Thankfully there are many tools in our self care toolbox to help us feel calm and connected again!

Here are 7 ways you can invite a sense of calm into your life and feel more connected to yourself and others around you.

1. Senses meditation - when you find yourself feeling distracted and disconnected take a few minutes to connect with your senses: taste, touch, smell, sight, sound.

2.  Find a mantra - choose something you want to work on and create a short mantra that you can return to throughout the day. Say the mantra in your head as you breathe e.g. breathing in ‘I am present’, breathing out ‘I am present’. 

3. Take time to walk - going for a walk is a wonderful way to clear your head and put things in perspective. Fresh air, exercise and maybe some nature if you can get to a park!

4. Listen to your breath - often we only listen to our bodies when we’re in pain or experiencing other strong sensations that we can’t ignore. See if you can tune into your body at more subtle levels such as observing your natural breath.

5. Journal - I only realised how therapeutic writing was when I started writing without a particular purpose in mind. You will be surprised what comes out when you’re not worried about anyone reading it or getting it right! Use it to get things off your chest or develop new ideas!

6. Do yoga - taking 60/75 mins with no technology and only listening to your body and your breath is transformational. You create new habits and learn new ways to move and be in the world. Establishing a regular yoga practice is an act of self love!

7. Take time for yourself - attend a yoga retreat, put some time in your schedule for doing nothing (duvet day?) or do something creative with no agenda or pressure!

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Thanks for reading!

Laura :)