Getting in to a healthy rhythm and saying no to guilt


I had a light bulb moment last week. I had watched a Netflix documentary about yoga (it’s the Architecture of Peace - go watch it!). After watching it I meditated before I went to bed. Maybe this doesn’t seem like anything out of the ordinary but actually I hadn’t meditated for weeks before this. I just couldn’t seem to find the motivation, I was caught up in feeling guilty for all the things I wasn’t doing but the guilt was really demotivating.

As soon as I watched that film I felt drawn to the practice because I was inspired and that’s what got me back to my meditation cushion. It’s been a really slow start to the year for me as I got sick soon after New Year and I’ve been really preoccupied with renovating my flat and planning our wedding. Having a healthy routine is so important to keep us feeling human but it’s so easy to get caught up in the guilt and that’s the thing that will keep us away from the positive things we want to be doing.

So what have I learned? If you stay inspired and surround yourself by people (online or in person) by people who are doing cool things and speaking to your heart you will be drawn towards the things that light you up. You can’t help yourself but do those things because you get that urge that you have to act on!

So I will be seeking out podcasts, books, films and people that speak to my heart and that is what is going to keep me on track for 2018. I am going to banish the guilt that holds me back. Can you relate to this? Is there something you’ve been guilting yourself about not doing? Try turning it on its head and seek out sources of inspiration!

I am going to get myself on track and start a regular meditation and journalling practice. My aim is to do this everyday until the end of February and maybe beyond that - apparently is takes 40 days to establish a habit. I’ve said it publicly now so it’s going to happen! I’ll keep you guys updated and write another blog post in February to let you know how I’m getting on!

I will also be doing George’s Zen Insight & Grounding course in February which I’m really excited about! Did you know we have a Studio 70 Facebook group? I’d love for you guys to join the group and share any videos, podcast or books that you love. Another way to share the inspirations is through our community book shelf! In the cloak room there are some book shelves for people to bring a book and take a book home. See you on the mat soon!

Love Laura x



Laura Barton