Community, yoga and perfect instagram sunrises :)

Smiling yoga student

The latest in our series of interviews with our Studio 70 community. She is the latest member to sign up for the unlimited membership! Pam tells us about her love of yoga, Rod Stewart and watching the sunrise from Studio 70 in the morning!

1. How long have you been practising yoga for?

I first started when I was a student at Art School, then when I moved to London I went to Hatha Yoga classes on and off for 13 years.  My life/work balance in London was hectic so yoga provided me with moments of calm in amongst it all. 

2. What keeps you coming back to your mat every week?

I love how I feel after the early morning classes and feel energised for the day ahead. I feel that I glide up the hill to the Art School on those days! 

3. What aspects of your yoga practice are you focusing on at the moment?

Mostly to maintain a regular practice as I really feel and see the benefits of yoga in myself. I want to build up more strength to master both Wheel and Crow, which annoyingly I could do no problem when I was in my twenties.

4. What advice would you give to someone who’s thinking about trying yoga for the first time?

It's the best form of exercise for your body and more importantly for your general wellbeing.  

5. Why do you come to Studio 70?

It's a little sanctuary of peace and calm, plus there is a real sense of community. I love the sunrise whilst doing morning classes as the light falls into the studio creating some great shadows and instagram moments! 

6. What’s your favourite yoga pose?

Half Moon and Dance pose, I like the balance aspect as well as the feeling of strength that both poses give. 

7. Tell us one fun fact about yourself!

I’m a Rod Stewart fan - particularly the leopard print era! 

If you'd like to join Pam in having a regular yoga practice sign up for our unlimited membership here! See you on the mat soon.