A weekly diary by Sheila on her experience in our beginners course


Week 1:

I was a little nervous as it has been a long time since I have done yoga! I was also really excited. Laura encouraged us to talk to a partner about our reasons for coming to yoga. I met Stuart who had a shoulder injury and was a runner – he was looking to ease back into yoga. I told him I struggle to sleep so I hoped it would help with that. We then had a short group discussion about each others reasons and Laura explained a bit about yoga. We focused on breathing and feeling where our breathe was in our body. I left feeling really relaxed and at ease. I practised the breathe work that evening and it helped me get to sleep! 

Week 2:

I was excited for week 2. We learned about the sun salutation and flow, we practised the moves a few times and we did the cat and cow pose. We learned how to properly do specific poses such as downward dog; keeping your back flat for the half lift and how to safely back bend for the cobra pose. We also practised transitions between particular poses. I left feeling like I had quite a good flow to practise, I really wanted to work on my downward dog as I realised I’ve not been doing it properly all these years! So I really got a lot out of that. Laura is really descriptive so it felt quite simple to do the poses that once seemed difficult. The class had a great energy and everyone seemed to manage quite well with the poses. I practised a little at home. 

Week 3: 

I was feeling a little stressed and anxious in my daily life coming into week 3. We learned the full sun salutation and we learned the warrior poses. I really felt like I was starting to get the hang of the flow from practising at home and so adding in the warrior poses was a good way to mix it up! I actually felt quite confident after this class – and I was delighted to not feel as anxious anymore in my personal life – from just going to the class and doing some yoga. So I booked into one of the other classes at the studio for the following Tuesday, to put some of the poses into practise! 

Week 4:

By this point we were already over half way through – we had learned a full sun salutation and the warrior poses and I had started to feel the benefits in my sleep and my strength – from practising some of the poses. Laura actually provided tutorial videos in an email to the group so these were really useful. On week 4 we focused on ensuring that we did the transition safely and kept our bodies aligned particularly for the floor poses during the sun salutation where you transition from plank; down to the floor and up to cobra – Laura demonstrated this move a few times, and it was great to practise it a few times. I actually found it really helped me develop my press ups (which I have been trying to do at the gym!) 

Week 5: 

I actually developed a terrible chest infection and I could not go to this week – I was disappointed but definitely felt better to listen to my body and take time out! 

Week 6: 

The final week!! I felt really confident going into week 6 because I had learned so much. The class energy was definitely a relaxed one and everyone seemed to have got the hang of the poses and the transitions. We practised back bends in week 6 in addition to the flow and warriors. We were really incorporating the breathwork into the flow and particular poses by this point. My favourite part is definitely the relaxation bit at the end of the classes!! We were offered an introductory offer for membership and there is loads of different levels and classes to choose from. I am pleased I took this course; I felt it was a great way to get back into yoga in a really inclusive environment with like minded people. It has definitely built my confidence back up to attend more yoga classes in the future.