Meet the team: Jenny Clark Yoga Teacher

Jenny Clary Yoga Teacher doing a standing side bend

What is your mission as a yoga instructor?

It has changed over the 7 years I have been teaching and it gets simpler each time I revise it. When I look back the changes to this mission have always reflected where I am on my own path. My practice has changed a lot in the last year since having my daughter and the more subtle aspects of yoga have been more prominent for me . Currently my mission is to use the practice of yoga on and off the mat to assist them in being the best version of themselves. 

What can people expect from your yoga classes?

They can expect to be welcomed into a safe space where they are invited to listen to their own body and discover what they truly need out of that class, move their body in a way that reflects what they need.  They can expect to be challenged and surprised as they explore their bodies capabilities and realise they are way beyond their expectations. They can expect to explore subtle aspects of yamas and niyamas through intention setting and self reflection  They can expect moments of meditation, breath work, strengthening asana and deep relaxation.

What does your self care routine look like at the moment?

Naps, nature walks, swimming, reading, quiet time, writing and anything creative or art based that I can lose myself in.

What is your mantra? You got this! 

How has your yoga practiced change and developed over time?

I first began yoga about 15 years ago at my local gym. I started because I wanted to increase my flexibility to help with my figure skating. At that point I was skating competitively. After I stopped skating I continued yoga still at my local gym then in 2008 I was in a car accident and had some whiplash in my neck and my back. After lots of physio and acupuncture for rehab I began to want to move a little more again and looked for a gentle yoga class to help me regain a physical practice. Then years later I moved to Canada and found a class I loved with a local teacher. Her style was powerful and challenging yet so therapeutic. I was living in the mountains and skiing a lot so this practice helped me stretch out after skiing and also challenged what I thought I was capable of. I loved her and her style so much that I signed up to her teacher training the following year and with no intention of ever actually being a teacher I set of to Nicaragua with her for an intensive training. Following training I was travelling around Central America and I made a point of attending local yoga classes everywhere I went if I could find one! That was interesting and fun especially ending up as the solo student in a class delivered in Spanish! I continued travelling and went onto Australia then New Zealand. I had then started teaching which is another interesting story in itself. As a teacher I knew the importance of always being a student so I sought out teachers and practices that inspired me everywhere I went. Fast forward a few years and I became pregnant with my daughter, straight away my physical practice softened a lot. I am now practicing a very gentle style of yoga, lots of slow flows, long holds and deep relaxations. Ill balance on my hands again one day but I am in no rush to get there.

What’s your favourite yoga pose?

Childs pose! There is so many ways you can practice this, a gentle restorative style with a bolster, a shoulder strengthing style when your on your fingertips, lengthening for the spine if your pushing into the floor, inner thigh stretch with knees wide. Love it! 

What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out on their yoga journey?

Be curious, open minded and learn to listen to your body. Try out as many styles of yoga as you can, there is something for everyone out there! Don't worry about looking the part, being inflexible or not knowing what you are doing, just come as you are and do what you can. Oh and get a good mat! 

What do you like to do for fun when you’re not teaching/ practising yoga?

You can find me explore Glasgows parks with baby Calla in tow, enjoying a flat white and planning our next family adventure. 

Jenny currently teaches on Mondays at 6.30, Thursdays at 7am and Sunday at 8.45am. Join Jenny for a class!