Meet The Wonderful Studio 70 Team: Hazel McCartney

What is your mission as a Holistic Massage Therapist?

To extend care and compassion to people from my understanding of the suffering involved in being human. My mission is to remind myself and others to return to the still centre inside when all appears stormy and turbulent on the surface. 

What can people expect from a therapy session with you?

A personalised treatment based on what a person is living with currently and what may have impacted on them in the past. I explore where a person is at with their pysical health and also like to gain an insight into how they manage their mental and emotional bodies! Each treatment is tailored to be gentle, nurturing and nourishing. I like to create a safe space for people to recieve that care and attention for a greater sense of well-being. I will often feedback what a person's body is saying after a session and share any self care insights the person may be interested in. 

What does your self care routine look like at the moment?

Practising softening and kindness towards the internal critic. Meditation. 

What is your mantra?

Think bigger than fear or past experience would have you believe is possible. 

What’s your favourite book?

Ooft, too many to choose from. I don't read fiction much…my current read is The Dark Side of the Light Chasers by Debbie Ford. Oh perhaps, Zen and the art of falling in love is up there with being one of my faves.. .its dog eared and has been returned to often. 

What do you like to do for fun when you’re not working?

Sing in a choir, sing round campfires, be in nature by water preferably… Ah and sing haahaa 🎶 

Hazel works at Studio 70 offering Holistic Massage, Reflexology and Reiki on Tuesdays. Contact her here to book an appointment.

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