Why is Early Morning Yoga Good for your health?

An early morning yoga practice has a wide range of health benefits. When we practice yoga, the focus we have on our breath and movement can leave us feeling peaceful, energised and calm. Moving from our morning practice into our working day can help us concentrate on our work, increase our awareness and help us to see the positive in situations. Because we feel good after yoga and more aware, the chances are that we will also make healthier choices about eating, sleeping, thinking and speaking

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Early morning yoga can help us establish a good routine. We've all been in the situation where we've had to work late or the idea of a glass of wine seems more appealing at 6.00pm. Think about how amazing it feels to finish your working day, knowing that you have done your practice. When you make it a habit to get up and practice first thing in the morning, you are going to make your bed time a priority. Morning yoga has also been proven to help regulate sleep rhythm and balances hormones. It boosts metabolism and warms up the digestive system too. 

One of our students Rosie, attends our 7.00am yoga classes on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Here she tells about the benefits of her practice.

"Coming to the early morning classes is a perfect way for me to commit to a yoga routine that fits around my 9-5 and social life. It means getting up a bit earlier but the effort is far outweighed by how great it feels to start my day feeling energised and grounded."

Pressing the snooze button in the morning is a luxury, but an early morning practice is one of the biggest treats you can give your body and mind!