Beginners' 6 week course with Laura
Aug 30

Beginners' 6 week course with Laura

The 6 week course will explore the mindfulness of the body and breath through yoga asana practice. We will learn about alignment in yoga poses, building strength and mobility in our joints to give you a solid foundation to build your yoga practice in a way that works for YOUR body.

The course is ideal for complete beginners. Experienced practitioners, wishing to refine their practice are also welcome.
You can look forward to handouts and free online videos from to help you practice what you have learned at home.

Course break down by week
1. Breath Work and Mindfulness of Body
2. Sun Salutation Breakdown
3. Standing Poses
4.Introduction to Balancing
6.Introduction to Back Bends

Cost: £55

Beginners' 6 week course with Michelle
Sep 4

Beginners' 6 week course with Michelle

Build a solid foundation for your yoga practice by building strength and flexibility in your body with our 6 week beginners course. The course will explore the basics of yoga and breath work and how this links to mindful movement. This is ideal for complete beginners or those wishing to refine their practice.

You can look forward handouts and free online videos, to help you practice what you have learned at home.

Course Breakdown by Week:

1)Breath Work and Mindfulness of Body

2) Sun Salutation Breakdown

3)Standing Poses

4)Introduction to Balancing


6) Introduction to Back Bends

Cost £55.


Empowering Me: Masculine & Feminine
2:00 pm14:00

Empowering Me: Masculine & Feminine

What does masculine & feminine mean to you?

Do you embrace one energy more than the other?

Do you want to ‘speak up’ more for yourself? Or be less quick to react?

Are you wanting to feel more at ease with who you are?

In these workshops, you will explore things that might be holding you back in life and create space to embrace more of who you are.

We will play with these polarities utilising various therapeutic techniques including movement, expressive arts, and heart connection exercises; within a space that is both safe and challenging, both inspiring and grounding, and with depth and humour.

OR £60 for all 3 workshops if booked together.

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Journey to Arm Balancing
2:00 pm14:00

Journey to Arm Balancing

Join Laura for this fun afternoon workshop. This is suitable for anyone who already has a yoga practice - this a great introduction to some more advanced poses that we don't always get time to explore in regular classes. This is a great way to advance your practice, helping you to discover new poses and new possibilities for how to move!

We’ll learn to build strong foundations so we can feel confident about balancing on our arms and hands and going upside down. These poses help us to feel empowered and energised.

Expect lots of upper body strength building, tips on how to find a way into arm balances for YOUR body, and lots of laughter!

Spaces are limited as I'd like to keep the group quite small. Follow the link to reserve your spot!

Price: £25

6 week mindfulness meditation
Oct 14

6 week mindfulness meditation

Explore and experience in a fun and relaxed way how to apply the principles of zen to improve your health and wellbeing through meditation and mindfulness.

Bompu zen (zen purely for health and wellbeing) is recorded as early as the 8th century and provides approaches, concepts, tools and techniques to allow you to live more freely and fully; without stress, anxiety and frustration impeding the body’s natural state of vitality. By seeing and responding to things with more awareness, you can spend more time feeling good, relaxed, calm and alive, and less time struggling, with substantial health benefits.

The six week course, created by Daizan Roshi, a British zen master now based at Zenways in London,  takes a new concept each week (e.g. role stress, time pressure, taking care of yourself) and introduces the zen attitude with practical tools (including various meditations), peer-reviewed articles and opportunities to discuss specifically how this applies to your own life situation.

The course is given by George Watson, a qualified Zenways teacher, who has over a decade of meditation experience including two years in Japan, sitting and serving on various retreats, and trying to hang on to some sanity in corporate London.

Everyone gets a recording of the guided meditation with the aim that you try to meditate daily and can give George a call/message any time with any questions or uncertainties as you go.

Committing to an hour early on a Friday morning for six weeks can be tough, and 25 minutes of meditation every day even tougher, but ideally you can start to establish a habit, alongside your yoga and other activities, which has over thousands of years helped countless people to live freer, fuller lives.

Asana Clinic with Michelle
1:00 pm13:00

Asana Clinic with Michelle

This is a FREE monthly class for exisiting pass holders and members of Studio 70. We L-O-V-E our thriving yoga community and want to give you something back!

We are yoga geeks and the asana clinic will be used to workshop poses, break down transitions and refine the way we flow during vinyasa.

Join Michelle for the first session, where we will break down the transition from Warrior 1 to Warrior 2 during vinyasa, with a focus on alignment.

Relax & Feel Good Day Retreat
10:30 am10:30

Relax & Feel Good Day Retreat

Fully recharge your batteries and join Studio 70's Michelle and Leeanne from Enlightened Hands Therapy for an urban day retreat at the Studio. We are super excited to be treating you to a day of relaxation, where you will leave feeling amazing!

We are offering an energising vinyasa flow class,facials with a friend, an aromatherapy oil making workshop, yin yoga with acupressure points, mindfulness meditation and a choice of either Indian Head Massage or Reiki.

A tasty vegetarian lunch will be on offer along with refreshments. Participants will also receive a FREE Neals Yard goody bag.

Yoga for Runners and Cyclists
2:00 pm14:00

Yoga for Runners and Cyclists

Yoga can help runners and cyclists with both strength and flexibility in crucial areas. The workshop will help you to:

Learn about the benefits yoga brings to runners and cyclists
Lengthen and stretch muscles that are over taxed
Use yoga poses that help to stabilise muscles of the outer hip and thigh
Use meditation and breathing techniques to improve concentration and focus.
Look at how you can take poses from the mat and incorporate this into your daily routine.




Yin Yang Day Retreat
10:30 am10:30

Yin Yang Day Retreat

Back by popular demand we are hosting another day retreat! The yoga studio has beautiful views out to the hills at the foot of the West Highland Way. It is a real treat to visit and we are super excited to go back here with you!

According to Eastern wisdom, everything is made of a balance of opposites - yin and yang. In the West, we live in a non-stop 'yang' culture, without much yin, and our tendency to rush around can lead to us feeling exhausted and on edge.

We'll look at the concept of yin and yang in our minds, energy systems and bodies, enjoying a balanced yoga practice based on both.

I0.30 Energising yang asana practice
12.30 - 1.30 Healthy Lunch
1.30-2.30 Walk along West Highland Way or do a thai massage session in the studio
2.30-4.30 Yin yoga asana practice

£70 for full day including lunch. We can organise car sharing for people who don't drive!

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Spring Detox Retreat
Mar 12

Spring Detox Retreat

In Spring, we emerge from the dark period of winter and return to the budding of new life. As the days become longer, we have the opportunity to restore ourselves physically and energetically. During our weekend of relaxation, we will use yoga and meditaton to do this. We are offering detoxifying morning flow yoga, meditation, restorative and candlelit yin yoga. All sessions will take place in the peaceful surroundings of the converted bothy studio space.

There will also be the option to have free time, where you can cozy up by the log fire with your book. There are also good walks in the Craignish Peninsula straight from the house.

If you wish to go a little further, the village of Ardfen is half a mile away and is a good base for exploring the West Coast. It also has a village shop, a pub/restaurant and a café.

Lerigologan is a spacious and fully renovated croft house, which boasts a sun porch, and a large well-equipped kitchen dining room. There are four twin rooms, which means you will be sharing with a yoga friend. Nutritious vegetarian meals and juices are also included.

Please note that there are only 8 spaces available. Please ensure you book soon, to guarantee your space.

Cost? £250 (£75 non refundable deposit)
EALRY BIRD OFFER! £30 off total cost - pay only £220 until end of Dec!

What is included?

  • 2 nights accommodation in a shared twin room
  • Hearty vegetarian meals, fresh juices and snacks
  • 5 yoga classes
  • Daily guided meditation
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Optional one to one session with one of the teachers

This a wonderful way to develop your personal practice and meet like minded people.

Book your space here.


Valentine's Partner Workshop
2:00 pm14:00

Valentine's Partner Workshop

Join Michelle and Laura for a nurturing afternoon at our Valentines Workshop. The afternoon will consist of a heart opening flow sequence to warm up, followed by partner yoga, thai massage and meditation. 

This will be very fun and palyful! Bring along your loved one, friend or relative to pair up with in the class!

Winter Open Afternoon
12:00 pm12:00

Winter Open Afternoon

We'd like to cheer everyone up and banish any winter blues by inviting you to an open afternoon at the studio from 1.00pm. Come along and meet the team at Studio 70. There will be hot tea, tasty treats and FREE taster sessions available.

Our offerings include a Zen Mindfulness and Meditation taster with our meditation teacher George Watson. Yoga Instructor's Laura Barton and Michelle Lang will be delivering Flow, Family Yoga and Candlelit Flow tasters.

Taster Sessions:

1.00pm-1.45pm Zen Mindfulness and Meditation (George)
2.00pm-2.45pm Flow Yoga (Michelle)
3.00pm-3.45pm Family Yoga (Michelle/Laura)
4.00pm-4.45pm Candlelit Flow (Laura)

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Valentine's Partner Yoga workshop
3:00 pm15:00

Valentine's Partner Yoga workshop

Join Michelle and Laura for a nurturing afternoon at our Valentines Workshop. The afternoon will consist of a heart opening flow sequence to warm up, followed by partner yoga, thai massage and meditation.

This will be very fun and palyful! Bring along your loved one, friend or relative to pair up with in the class.

£20 per person.

Book here!

Yoga and Visioning Day
10:30 am10:30

Yoga and Visioning Day

Would you like to spend some time getting clear about what you want from 2017? Create a detailed and compelling vision of what you want to aim for in the next twelve months by using powerful tools to bring your vision to life!

Join this inspiring workshop to reflect on what your wins and challenges were in 2016 and what you will create in 2017. This will be an inspiring full day workshop which combines the mind body connectivity of yoga with the creativity of visioning and manifesting your goals and dreams.

This transformative day will include:
- Mindfulness meditation to focus the mind
- Yoga asana practice to find balance in the body
- Reflection on your challenges and wins from 2017
- Working with both sides of the brain to identify what you want to give your time to and to achieve in 2017
- Learning a powerful tool to define and create the results you really want, without relying on guilt as a motivator
- Closing visioning meditation

You will leave feeling inspired and with a tangible way to bring your vision home! If you want to ensure your New Year resolutions last beyond January 31st, this day is for you.

A delicious, healthy lunch is included.

Cost £70