4 Week Zen Insight Course
to Nov 7

4 Week Zen Insight Course

This course explores the question, if we are not our thoughts, nor our feelings, nor our body, then what are we?

Kensho is translated as ‘seeing your true nature’, who you really are, and can also be thought of as waking up. The course uses two key zen meditation techniques, working with a question (koan) and sitting in pure awareness with no focus (shikantaza/fusho), to drop deeper into exploring our true nature. It also covers grounding techniques to avoid the ‘Glastonbury effect’ - where we might feel so utterly at one with the universe that we find it quite tricky to, for example, turn up to work on time.

Previous meditation experience useful but not necessary, if in doubt please get in touch.

Cost: £45

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Yoga and Reiki Workshop
2:00pm 2:00pm

Yoga and Reiki Workshop

Join Leeanne from Enlightened Hands Therapy and Studio 70's Michelle for an afternoon of yoga and reiki. Yoga poses, group reiki and meditation will be used during this workshop to balance our chakra's which are energy vortexes in our bodies.


The word chakra has Hindu (sanskrit) roots and means wheel or disc. There are Seven main chakras that are located within the central line of the body, from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. Chakras are entry gates of the aura (our personal energy field that surrounds us)

The benefits of balanced chakras include feeling grounded, relaxed, whole and healthy. You feel like everything in your life is going well for you. Projects will flow the way you like.

Chakra's can become blocked through negative energy, making us feel out of sync, like we are living an unbalanced life,stressed out, depressed, lacking in energy and overwhelmed. The Yoga & Reiki Workshop can help you to recharge, bringing a sense of balance in both mind & body.

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