Therapeutic Massage Glasgow

Hazel McCartney

Therapies: Therapeutic Massage, Reiki, Reflexology

When? Tuesdays at Studio 70

Hazel adopts a holistic approach to the way she works that involves taking into account your emotional life, mental health, lifestyle, circumstances, attitudes and behaviours, relationships, health and well-being as well as your physical body.

She enjoys taking my time to consult with you before beginning a bodywork treatment. She takes the time to ensure she’s working safely with you by going through a detailed case history together. Allowing at least 90 minutes for a session creates a low pressure environment to have a relaxed consultation process and a treatment without feeling rushed. Whether you choose therapeutic massage, reiki or reflexology treatment, she gives time and attention to each appointment. Her intention for every session is to ensure you feel safe and comfortable. 

She creates an opportunity before and after each bodywork treatment for you to share or discuss anything that may be affecting you. Once you're settled on the treatment table (or chair) She aims to create a gentle, safe space for you to receive nourishment and rest. In each session she’s holding an intention to create space for your body's genius to unwind and do what it does best, come into a new balance. The hope being for release of pain, tension or stress patterns and leaving you with a refreshed sense of wellbeing

Thai Massage Glasgow

Lesley Lewis

Therapies: Thai Yoga Massage, Thai Foot Massage, Pregnancy Massage

When? Fridays at Studio 70

Lesley has a passion is holistic Eastern styles of Massage. She finds it so enjoyable to see the positive effects her treatments have for clients. She takes pride in her professionalism and is sensitive to your needs and preferences.

Thai Yoga Massage is a truly holistic form of energy and bodywork for body and mind. It is a full body treatment performed fully clothed on a futon at floor level without oils. It is suitable for all ages, all levels of flexibility and mobility. It is the perfect form of massage for anyone who is stiff or sore, fatigued by sport or the demands of work, family life. 

Thai Foot Massage is a wonderfully relaxing massage with oil that revives tired feet and legs. It boosts the circulation, immune and lymphatic systems and promotes restorative sleep.

Try Thai Massage if you are under stress or suffering from headache, back, shoulder and neck pain, low energy or reduced mobility. 

Lesley holds the Well Mother Massage for Pregnancy Diploma (with credit). Recognised as one of the most rigorous pregnancy massage training available, Lesley can provide massage during all 3 trimesters and the immediate postnatal period.  Her style of massage is a unique blend of Thai and Swedish techniques combined with Shiatsu. It is an ideal blend of styles for expectant Mums experiencing common pregnancy related ailments. 

Lesley is a teacher with Shiatsu & Thai Massage Training and offers workshops in Thai Massage.