Abundant Yoga Teacher Immersion with Amy McDonald

A full day of Yoga biz trainings, warm and welcoming support, guidance, inspiration and encouragement.

10th June 11am - 5pm



-Running from studio to studio to teach enough classes to make ends meet

-Teaching classes that aren't quite what you love teaching (pilates, barre or even different styles of Yoga)

-Fear around 'putting yourself out there' or coming across as 'salesy' preventing you from any form of marketing

-Social media and online overwhelm preventing you from reaching the students and clients you really desire to work with

-Entrenched under-earning in your passion forcing you to stay in a job you hate

-Embarrassment about 'coming out' as a Yoga teacher because it is really just an expensive hobby... 


We'd love to invite you to join me and a group of high-vibration, positive and supportive Yoga teachers on an Abundant Yoga Teacher Immersion!


This one-day workshop will provide you with the space, clarity, tools and techniques you need to grow, serve and shine in your Yoga business in a way that feels authentic and aligned with your values. Specifically, we will cover:


1. Setting the Foundations
-Getting clear on your current yoga business. What do you love? What needs work?
-Defining how your ideal business would look, in terms of student numbers, class types and numbers, desired financial abundance.

2. Standing Out
-Clarifying your authentic voice as a yoga teacher
-How to stand out in a full market place
-Branding in a way that is fun and natural

3. The class container
-Class pricing that aligns with your service and your ideal students
-Packaging your services to encourage return customers and student loyalty
-The importance of your class 'Kula' (community) and how to strengthen it


4. Marketing like a pro (without feeling 'salesy')
-Online marketing must haves
-How to stay out of social media overwhelm
-Sharing your news


About Amy: Amy McDonald is a business coach for Yoga teachers. When she's not travelling the world sipping chai and nerding out about Yoga she lives in a historic town in Australia's goldfields with her terrier Stephen and a garden full of kangaroos and lizards. Find her online at amymcdonald.com.au or her Abundant Yoga Teacher Podcast on iTunes.